Affiliated Independent Events

Are you organizing an event you would like to affiliate with AIDS 2022, the 24th International AIDS Conference? If so, why not apply for Affiliated Independent Event status and benefit from your event being visible and promoted to the large and diverse network of IAS Members and AIDS 2022 delegates? All accepted Affiliated Independent Events will be published on the conference website, and might be promoted on AIDS 2022 social media channels.

Affiliated Independent Events, held by external organizations or individuals, will take place around AIDS 2022. They should address HIV and AIDS, co-infections and/or issues faced by people living with and affected by HIV or organizations responding to the HIV epidemic. They may be population or issue specific, and they can take various shapes: workshops, pre-meetings, forums, art exhibits, theatre and so much more. The IAS encourages event submitters to be creative when developing their events to address HIV and AIDS in new and original ways.

Submissions close on 30 June 2022.

Your event must meet the following criteria to be approved as an AIDS 2022 Affiliated Independent Event:

  • It must take place between 1 May and 15 August 2022.
  • It must take place outside the official AIDS 2022 programme hours. These are:
    • Friday, 29 July 2022: 09:00-12:45
    • Saturday, 30 July to Tuesday, 2 August 2022: 09:15-17:30

Please note that the IAS reserves the right to approve or reject any Affiliated Independent Event and is not responsible for the organization or final content of any such event; the content and management of the event is the sole responsibility of the event organizers. There is no cost involved in applying for an affiliated status.

For more details on the format or the application process, please refer to the terms and conditions for AIDS 2022 Affiliated Independent Events or contact the Affiliated Independent Events team at [email protected].


If you are inviting authors to present abstracts at your conference or workshop in the run up to AIDS 2022, you may wish to consider applying for abstract co-submission with AIDS 2022. Co-submission means that selected abstracts may be presented at your event and at AIDS 2022 without breaking the embargo policy even though your event will take place before the conference.

To apply for co-submission of abstracts with AIDS 2022, your event should meet the following conditions:

  • Delegates will attend the event on an invite-only or paid-registration basis (that is, sessions are not open to the general public).
  • Media representatives are not invited or they must agree to comply with the AIDS 2022 embargo policy.
  • Any sessions involving co-submitted abstracts that will be recorded must comply with the AIDS 2022 embargo policy. A final list of abstracts presented at the event must be shared with the organizers of AIDS 2022 before the event.
  • Authors must submit their abstract using the AIDS 2022 submission system if they wish to be considered for inclusion in AIDS 2022.

If you wish to apply for co-submission, please contact us at [email protected]. The deadline to apply for co-submission is 31 March 2022.